South African wine produced and supplied by Orange River Cellars for the Beijing Olympics. Gilysipao literally translates into Good Luck Wines.

Comments packaging designer Vanessa Fogel: “China is a very difficult market to design for as they are extremly literal, with colour playing a vital part in their culture, and many colours are a no no in their culture, and this had to be observed and respected. As a result the design had to be simple, strong and modern, so I decided to make it a point of difference from the busy design that is so popular in the Chinese market, - which by the way is a very fast changing consumer market (very influenced by western culture at the moment) , and I wanted to do a design that would have relevant longevity, and be able to be built up into strong a brand over time”.

“With a strong simple message being emphasized, because there has to be a degree of education for the Chinese wine consumer out there, we also wanted the design to be sophisticated enough to appeal to both the foreign market that lives there and visitors who will be there for the Olympic Event”.

“Not an easy task as the clients English and my Chinese is very limited indeed! Perseverance was the winner, and the result is strong and striking”.

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