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Holland has always been an important export destination for South African wine producers. In 2006 the Castel Groupe (the third largest wine producer in the world) opened an office in South Africa with the intention to strengthen their distribution and marketing presence of South African wine in Holland.

Their first portfolio of wines was launched at Pro-Wein 2007 and includes several with a “wildgame” theme. All the labels were designed by Cape Town based designer Patrick Humphreys from Brimstone Design.   

The Elephantasy brief was to originate a range of wine labels that tagged onto the “wildgame” trend of local wine for export, specifically focused on the elephant but with a slightly tongue-in-cheek attitude - hence “Big Ears”, “Long Nose” and “Short Tail”.

The illustrations were done in a loose line style, to illuminate the feature (ears, nose, tail) but not too literal. The range also has a modern sophistication about it in downsized display on the bottle and the use of a broadband of litho silver ink in which short text uppoints the particular elephant characteristic.

By Mike Carter.


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