Concerns about costs and the environment mean cartons will replace bottles as the wine packaging of choice within the next 50 years, says a new report.

Using glass will become unrealistic for all except higher quality wines as retailers and suppliers look to cut costs and waste and erase their carbon footprint, says respected UK merchant Berry Bros & Rudd.

Bulk wine shipments are also likely to increase, says Berrys in its Future of Wine report.

By 2058, it predicts, “bulk shipments of wine could arrive, before being put into plastic or reinforced cardboard containers in a bid to reduce environmental emissions and create a domestic bottling industry”.

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Source: Off Licence News


One Response to “Cartons are the future of wine packaging, says report”

  1. Henré on May 20th, 2008 10:17

    Mike, interesting post. I guess it makes sense though, but I wonder how this would influence the image of wine. It’s always been perceived as an elegant drink…will it become like juice in a box?

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