Mike Carter

Who is Mike Carter? For more than a decade I’ve been helping wine companies reduce their print & packaging costs and improve supply chain efficiency. In my experience I’ve found that most companies are nowhere near the sourcing excellence frontier and that the vast majority are leaving money on the table.

According to Professor Martin Christopher, Cranfield School of Management: “There is a growing recognition that individual businesses no longer compete as stand-alone entities but rather as supply chains. We are now entering the era of “network competition” and the prizes will go to those organisations who can better structure, co-ordinate and manage the relationships with their partners in a network committed to better, closer and more agile relationships with their final customers”.

Generally speaking, the wine industry has an inward production-oriented focus which is the main reason that the wine value chain lacks a set of linked actions for production, marketing, distribution and storage. In todays global market place where supermarkets dominate wine retailing, this is a big negative as the low level of strategic and market co-operation and information flow between producers and retailers, means that total control of the distribution channel is lost.

This is where my expertise comes into play. By mapping my clients current costs against what they should be spending, I develop their packaging procurement process to unlock hidden value. I am able do this because I have a through understanding of all aspects of the market including specialist knowledge of supply market economies, strategic knowledge of goods and services, and detailed knowledge of the economics of suppliers.

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