Luxury Wine & Beverage Gift Boxes

Perfection in a package

WinePress Presents Luxury Wine & Beverage Presentation Cartons

Hand crafted and tailor made packaging solutions for a variety of applications

Avontuur 10 Year Old Brandy Carton 54KB Cast your mind back to when you were a child, the thrill and anticipation of receiving a birthday gift or a Christmas present, or even a modest parcel through the post. The tactile pleasure involved in simply toying with the bow or running your hands over the shiny wrapping paper, the child-like joy at uncovering the hidden treasure within…back then what was on the outside incited rapturous glee and a heady anticipation of what was to follow…

Fortunately we never quite outgrow this particular type of excitement and savouring the promise of the hidden treasure is almost always more titillating than uncovering the trophy within. We may be young or old, the reward store bought and sophisticated or hand made with love, but there’s nothing to quite beat the allure of a really appealing package…it’s the very first step in the journey of discovery and a feast for the senses.


Packaging has, however, come a long way since brown paper and string. WinePress is delighted to be on the cutting edge of packaging trends, offering discerning clients the pinnacle in packaging solutions, tailor made to meet your specific needs.

Shift your expectations, change your paradigms…think outside of the box! Nothing could be more apt to describe the exciting new range of premium packaging solutions on offer through WinePress. First impressions are lasting, which is why attractive, functional and eye catching packaging will immediately place your product in a league of its own.

The customized WinePress Luxury Presentation Carton is highly functional and practical, yet eminently elegant and simply a collector’s item in its own right. This premium product is the perfect packaging solution for your top of the range products and is sure to appeal to a wide range of consumers – from the corporate sector, as sought after gifts or highly prized promotional items.


The ultra luxurious material for the WinePress Luxury Presentation Carton has been designed and manufactured to internationally acclaimed standards by the world renowned Winter&Company group, a packaging material company which is synonymous world wide with innovative covering materials of the highest quality and value.

With a long and distinguished history, dating back to 1892, Winter&Company has been producing creative materials which have undoubtedly contributed to a “Culture in Covering”. Each product is designed with a client’s specific requirements in mind and the Winter Collection boasts a long list of VIP clients, including Gucci, Tiffany, Johnny Walker, Wedgewood and Armani.

WinePress now offers you the opportunity to join these illustrious brand names by selecting the WinePress Luxury Presentation Carton as your first choice in presentation packaging.


In recognition of Winter&Company’s commitment to ensuring sustainable production practices, the group has been awarded the coveted Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. The (FSC) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization which has established a globally recognized system of independent forest certification and product labeling to help consumers identify timber and products from responsibly managed woodlands.

Social responsibility is also of paramount importance. WinePress is thrilled to be partnering with a 100% BEE owned business in the production and distribution of these Luxury Presentation Cartons, which makes this a unique and proudly South African initiative.


These presentation products have a wide variety of applications. They are ideal for corporate gifts, weddings, birthdays or any special occasion. Each stylish carton is hand crafted to suit your specific need and meet your unique design requirements. They can by supplied with or without wine or glassware.

As a further eye catching and innovative feature the WinePress Luxury Presentation Cartons can be branded or foiled with your wine estate, cellar or company logo. Your special message can also be printed or foiled on the inside lid.

There is no end to the creativity and innovation which these products can offer. Each carton will add dramatic value to your brand and to the precious treasures they display. We know your brand is world class – now add the total package!

Classy, contemporary, practical, affordable, elegant and engaging…

Lift the lid on perfection!

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