Hello Winelovers!

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Hello Winelovers! This box contains 4 glasses for red wine (white wine/champagne). The shape is unique and makes the wine feel bigger.

The man on the front of the package is a famous Swedish wine connoisseur called Bengt Frithiofsson. He is known for his passionate and personal attitude towards wine and he often starts his TV shows by saying “Hello Winelovers”. The glasses is a collaboration between him, an industrial designer and a Swedish glass company; SEA glasbruk. The solution was to make the famous Bengt Frithiofsson the “cover-boy” of the package and to let him tell the interesting story of the unique design of the glasses, both on the front and on the backside. The rough brown box with its rope handle is inspired by cases for wine bottles.

Designed by Sturm & Drang | Source :: Lovely Package


No more wondering how long that opened bottle of wine has been sitting around and if it's still drinkable, not if you can get your hands on one of these "A Date with Wine" wine stoppers from designer George Lee.

Drawing from modern and industrial influences the stopper features clean, contemporary lines and is made of food grade stainless steel and silicone. The "date" part comes in the form of twistable rings on the stopper's top that can be set to reflect the exact month and day the wine was opened. Clean, easy, and sophisticated, no more sniffing or sipping and wondering if a bottle has gone over or not.

By Rigel Celeste | Source :: www.luxist.com


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The Skybar One is a smaller version of the original Skybar Wine Preservation & Optimization System. The original holds three bottles and now, for those looking for something smaller and with a less industrial appearance, the Skybar One is available to serve and display a single bottle at a time.

The high-tech system is designed to do four things, all at the press of a button: chill the wine to the optimal temperature (there are pre-programmed settings for 15 different varietals), dispense the wine (no need to remove the bottle or mess with recorking), preserve the wine for up to 10 days via vacuum technology, and display the wine attractively in the sleekly designed case that features LED lighting for ambiance.

Impress your guests and feel like one yourself thanks to no serving or cleanup required.

By Rigel Celeste | Source :: www.luxist.com

Chapeau de Vin Gold Wine Closures

Cullman has come up with a gorgeous and very luxe way to keep your wine fresh and protected: Chapeau de Vin wine closures made of gold, platinum, and diamonds. Each of the three designs is dome shaped (a little ‘hat’ for your wine) and has a decorative set of perforations that act as a ventilation system and protection against bugs when out picnicking.

Created by Eckhart Cullman these wine closures are functional works of art marketed to true gourmets and those who appreciate the extraordinary. Available in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum each has a diamond perched on top.

By Rigel Celeste | Source :: www.luxist.com

How to Use a Wine Key Like a Pro

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How to Use a Wine Key Like a Pro

Also called ‘waiter’s friends,’ wine keys can be tricky to use successfully if you’re not familiar with how they work. Here’s a quick ‘how to’ guide to using them like a pro.

Step 1: Open the blade and use it to cut and remove the foil, letting the ridge of the bottle guide the blade and keep it from slipping.

Step 2: Fold back the blade and open the screw. Hold the wine bottle by the neck with one hand and use the other to center the point of the screw on the cork and turn it firmly several times until the worm (spiral) is solidly anchored. Then continue turning the screw, without pressing down, until it’s embedded halfway into the cork.

Step 3: Unfold the lever and anchor it on the lip of the bottle. Use it to help you pull up until the cork is half exposed.

Step 4: Turn the screw again (still being careful not to apply downward pressure) until the worm is all the way through the cork.

Step 5: Pull up until the cork is free.

Broken cork: If the cork breaks and you’re left with part of it stuck in the neck of the bottle you have two options: Try gently repeating steps 2, 4, and 5 and see if you can remove it, or if that fails push the cork through the other way into the wine (being careful so it doesn’t splash). It won’t affect the flavor and the wine is still drinkable, although there may be sediment and bits of cork.

By Rigel Celeste | Source :: www.luxist.com

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