We’ve seen wines and beers packaged for various target audiences, including women and gay men, but recently we came across a slightly different kind of example. Based in New Zealand, Ritzling is an effort to rethink classic Riesling wines for modern tastes and reformat them in a new way.

Aiming to create a new kind of beverage, Ritzling has taken Riesling wine and added carbonation along with a twist of citrus, resulting in a blend it calls “pure happiness.” With richly artistic labeling and packaged in 250mL bottles, the beverage is reportedly served in a manner similar to Mexican beer, with a slice of lemon or lime in the neck of the bottle.

There are countless ways to make a classic product fresh and new again, but Ritzling’s take on Riesling seems uniquely innovative. One to help introduce at bars, restaurants and summer picnics in your part of the world?

Source :: Springwise

U-Tube Feb 25th 047

Wellness Wine 053

Wine UTube 060

Ukuva iAfrica designed the U-Tube with the intent of bringing a new dimension to wine packaging and to how the wine-lover looks at wine as a whole. They aimed to fill a niche somewhere between bottle and box, yet discard the stigma attached to those previous vessels. A market that has been awaiting innovation and attention is the creative canvas behind the U-Tube Wine Collection.

“Two bottles, in a tube, in a bag with a tap,” is the coined slogan associated with the U-Tube label. It means 1.5l of quality wine that comes in something that is neither here nor there in terms of what we know when we conjure up wine vessels. This creativity was received well at the international IFE Awards in London and received an award for the design in the Fresh Ideas 2011 listing it as “True Product Innovation within the Global Food and Drink Industry”.

The U-Tube comes in four varieties of wine. A merlot and a mourverde cover the reds and then there’s a sauvignon blanc and chenin blanc white collection. All the wine is sourced in the Western Cape from a variety of talented up and coming wine makers who leave a hand-written description and signature on each tube.

Another thing you’ll see on this packaging is a Fair Trade mark that ensures the buyer that this product was produced fairly and justly with all those involved in its creation.

For more information, visit http://ukuvaiafrica.withtank.com/

nutritiva f

It's always inspiring to see a company expand in ways that reflect both sustainability and good synergy, and Spanish winemaker Group Matarromera recently did just that. With a history that includes more than 20 years of producing award-winning wines, the company has now launched a cosmetics line that makes use of the antioxidant-rich grape skins that are left over by the wine-making process.

Launched this past summer, Matarromera's Esdor cosmetics brand taps into the powerful polyphenols so abundant in the skins of red grapes. Using a patented process, the company extracts those antioxidant-rich compounds — it calls the result Eminol — and blends them with other natural ingredients to create its nourishing cream, moisturizer cream and eye contour products. Esdor cosmetics are all made with 85 percent natural compounds, including 7.5 percent Eminol and other ingredients including musk oil, caviar extract, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil; no parabens, mineral oils or artificial colors are included.

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkling and improved skin elasticity are all among the properties the company claims for the Esdor line as a result of its antioxidant ingredients. Adding further to Esdor's eco-creds, meanwhile, is that its main office — surrounded by vineyards in the heart of Spain's Douro region — is a 100 percent sustainable building that generates more energy than it consumes.

Esdor cosmetics are available both online and at select Spanish retailers.

Source :: www.springwise.com


There are certainly better ways to show off your oenophile passions and good design sense than a wine cork board, namely, Fontenay's flooring made from vintage wine barrels.

Selling itself as the "the only provider of reclaimed wine barrel flooring and counter tops in the world," Fontenay offers three types of wood choices in its Vintage Barrel Collection. The Cooperage line takes its wood from the barrel heads, leaving intact the cooper stamps, various marking and an aged patina. For the Wine Infusion line, material from the barrel's inside is used. Naturally stained due to contact with the wine, the effect is a mosaic of juice-soaked colors. Finally, the Stave collection consist of the barrel's exterior wood strips, straightened to form boards, and then engineered to create flooring. These floors display the grains, age marks and a rustic distressing. Since no two planks are the same, in any of the lines, installation creates a unique finish best suited for wine cellars, tasting/dining rooms or kitchens. Fontenay also offers furniture, including wine racks, created from barrels.

With reclaimed wood being the au courant, green-minded design material of choice these days it's nice to see a product that has such a recognizable provenance being used in such an innovative way.

By Michael B. Dougherty | Source :: www.luxist.com

Selling wine by the glass

A young British entrepreneur had the bright idea of selling wines in single serve portions in plastic stemmed wine glasses with foil tops.

The single serve, he reasoned, would be attractive to people who didn’t want to open a whole bottle, and just wanted one glass. It would also be attractive to people having picnics, going to festivals and concerts and commuters going home after a hard days work and looking to unwind on the train.

So he took his idea to the friendly and welcoming folk on ‘The Dragons Den’. This is a British TV series where budding entrepreneurs look for funding from a team of hard bitten business people.

Well, they shot him down in flames. Thought his idea was mad, it would never take off.

A few months later he sold his idea, lock, stock and barrel to Marks and Spencer, and now they are selling so much that they are struggling to keep up with demand. The glasses of ready to drink wine are flying off the shelves.

Read the full story.

Source :: www.spill.co.za

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