As far as wine marketing goes Stormhoek is a wine marketing and blogging success story. And from a product innovation perspective they haven’t disappointed either.
Stormhoek have just announced the imminent release of a concept wine in the UK named Couture – a Rosé made by Stormhoek winemaker Graham Knox, in a style intended to be consumed […]

Patrick Schabers blog The Lonely Marketer was created for the small company marketing manager - it’s a excellent blog for those with great marketing ideas, limited time and budget.
Patrick had a chance encounter with a Rosenblum Vintners Cuvée bottle of wine that took him outside of his marketing world to learn more about how other industries market to their unique target markets.
He wrote […]

120km from Cape Town, in the heart of the largest wine producing region is South Africa, lays the small town of Worcester. With a population of 78,000 what they lack in numbers, they make up for in community spirit.
Worcester is the centre for the hearing and sight impaired in South Africa with several world-renown schools and […]

Ever had guests arrive at a wine-tasting party with bottles of white wine still at room temperature? My first thought is to stuff them into the freezer where chances are I’m going to forget about it.
Here’s the Cooper Cooler, a  gadget that’s designed to chill your warm beverages, but with a twist; this one can also cool […]

Duty free sales globally are worth $27 billion and growing. Of that, wine, beer, and spirits contribute $4.75 billion. And it’s also a crucial marketing platform for high-end brands. Here’s an innovative new concept recently posted on
Layovers at Washington Dulles, Seattle-Tacoma and Sacramento airports just got more sophisticated. Vino Volo, a play on the […]

In an overcrowded marketplace wineries are constantly looking for any conceivable advantage to keep themselves one step ahead of the competiton, and build brand loyalty. Here’s a innovative yet simple idea from Fantesca Estate, St. Helena, California - Fortune Corkies. Traditionaly wineries have often printed their names or brands on their corks, and this takes […]

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