A few years ago I got a project to design a wine label. When I went to my local high-end wine shop I was surprised at the lack of creativity being displayed on wine labels. In a market so saturated I would have thought that entrepreneurs would want to stand out. Instead they all […]

According to founders Jean J. Evrard and Brigitte Evrard, Pentawards is the first and only worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to everybody in all countries who are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging. The winners will receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond […]

The packaging that talented designer Ben Schlitter, has produced for TwentyFour Wine is innovative and beautiful!
According to Ben, “A significant portion of my design focuses on using ordinary materials in new ways. In that spirit I created TwentyFour Wine which uses rubber bands as its label. In doing so an everyday item is transformed […]

Take a look at the latest addition to Juno Wines Cape Maidens range. Since we last published a story about the brand in March they’ve added a Rosé to their fashionable collection of labels. I also wrote that this young South African company has ambitious plans to grow their brand domestically and expand their export markets. So they’ve delivered on that promise.
Juno Wines take their […]

A stunningly smart article about experience design versus product design by Peter Merholz.
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In a bold move to promote its new line of wines from the southern hemisphere Don Sebastiani & Sons has officially released Kono Barú — complete with an upside-down label.
“It’s well known that we like to market our wines with nonconforming labels,” said company marketing director Don Sebastiani, Jr. “I guess you could say we really […]

Alexanderfontein wines are produced in the Darling district, considered the heartbeat of the West Coast region. Here one is surrounded by an abundance of beauty and wild flowers, which is undoubtedly Darlings’s greatest asset. 
Alexanderfontein’s label was inspired by this and particularly by the rare West Coast flower, Gladiolus Carinatus. With it’s exquisite fragrance, it exemplifies […]

Class is one of the top UK magazines aimed at the on-trade - from stylish bars, to gastro pubs, to the top hotels. They also sponsor the Class Wine Packaging Design of the Year awards.
“Distinctly Individual” was the key trend among winners of this year’s Packaging Design awards. This year the glass is thicker, […]

I make a point of regularly browsing the wine department at my local supermarket. And it doesn’t look good. At first glance all the wine bottles look the same. Hundreds of brands displayed like sardines in a can, lost in a sea of packaging and marketing desperation and confusion. 
So what’s the point of spending thousands, sometimes hundreds of […]

Ormonde Private Cellar is situated just outside Darling and they recently launched a new brand designed especially for the American market. The label is distinctive as it breaks away from the  overused animal theme trend commonly used for South African wines exported internationally.
The wine Ondine, celebrates the life of the legendary Dame Margot Fonteyn considered the […]

The vineyards of Lammershoek and Welgelegen lie on the back slope of the Paardeberg Mountain some 50km northeast of Cape Town on the border of the Paarl and Swartland wine regions. The Paardeberg is known as Shiraz and Chenin Blanc country.
Legend has it that the name Lammershoek, meaning “lamb’s corner”, originated from the fact […]


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Even though South Africa has lost market share in the Netherlands savvy exporters are fighting back and launching new supermarket brands. Pikkewyn, which is Afrikaans for Penguin, is a recently launched new wine brand for the Dutch market.
Designed by Patrick Humphreys from Brimstone Design and once again garnering the wine/animal association, the Pikkewyn range of wines uses the colloquial term […]

Stick to the basic design rules, but try and be innovative, even if it is just through the use of different paper or varnishes.
Always keep your labels simple, never over-complicate the process.
Gimmicks may look impressive initially, but will not give your brand longevity.
Make sure your name or branding is strong.
Make sure that the printing costs […]

Holland has always been an important export destination for South African wine producers. In 2006 the Castel Groupe (the third largest wine producer in the world) opened an office in South Africa with the intention to strengthen their distribution and marketing presence of South African wine in Holland.
Their first portfolio of wines was launched at Pro-Wein 2007 and includes […]


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African Pride Wines was established in May 2002 as a division of the Afrifresh Group. With its head offices in Constantia, Cape Town , the Group is one of the leading exporters of fresh fruit in South Africa . In 2001 it was nominated for the prestigious South African Presidents Award for Export Achievement. This nomination […]

I believe that packaging design is this country is very reflective of South African society on the whole: one foot in an internally focused local arena but the other trying to get a toehold in a global marketplace. We are on the verge of an exciting breakthrough from behind the cobwebs of legacy thinking.
If South […]

Swiss based Hess Group owns four New World cellars and vineyards: in California, South Africa, Argentina and Australia. Their award winning Glen Carlou Vineyards is a 125 hectare estate situated in the heart of South Africa’s sought after Paarl Valley. 
Glen Carlou offers three distinctive wine ranges, Prestige, Classic and Contemporary. Here is the Tortoise Hill White […]

Scharffenberger Wineries wine label by Barbara Vicks Design depicts incredibly detailed visuals that convey luxury and impeccable taste.
Wine label design is almost as wide a design playing field as CD album cover design. But, its traditional roots also lend some specific cues that anyone in luxury package design can learn from.
Several details pull this design […]

Worldwide, wine packaged in bag-in-box containers has been one of the fastest growing segments of the wine market, catering to consumers who want the convenience and longer shelf life it offers.
In the U.S., box wines have been slow to catch on with a measly 6% market share, and continues to bear the stigma of being […]

Root : 1

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My interest in wine packaging spans nearly a decade, and during this time I’ve rarely seen a design or concept that is so brilliant that it sets the standard. Award winning international design house Turner Duckworth has  pulled the proverbial “rabbit out of the hat” with their design for Root : 1.  
In the U.S. the Chilean wine […]

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