These champagnes are first noticed for their unique packaging, as the bottles cannot help but stand out in their stunningly beautiful sleeves. The sleeving process on a champagne bottle was first used by producer Dominique Pierrel and is a welcome change from the traditional approach of labels stuck on bottles. Thanks to sleeves and Pierrel’s avant-garde […]

According to website School of Prophets - Australia mandatory warning labels on alcohol packaging are compulsory in 15 countries, including Sweden, USA and France.
And reports that the leading representative of the UK alcoholic drinks industry, the Wine & Spirits Trade Association, has signed an agreement with the British government to voluntarily carry health warnings on […]

Fattoria Nittardi is a traditional wine growing estate located in the center of Tuscany, between Florence and Siena. In the 16th century it belonged to Michelangelo Buonarroti, who grew his own vines. The word Nittardi means “never late” because of the long, sunny spring and summer days. Owners Peter Femfert and Stefania Canali-Femfert work with […]

Planning a trip to Oregon wine country? Then take a look at the recently launched Oregon Wine Explorer. The Oregon Wine Explorer is a great way to explore Oregon’s hand-crafted wines, either by visiting a tasting room or buying directly from a winery using the new Wine Finder(TM) tool.
You can filter wineries by location, varietal […]

“A successful innovation in your business does not have to be an all-new invention. It just has to be something new to your business that is beneficial” - Paul Sloan, author of The Innovative Leader.
Almost every winery owner that I speak to wants to open a restaurant to complement the tasting room experience.
Derrick Daye recently posted […]

If you intend visiting Italy later this year consider a trip on the wine train. Dating back to 1865 and abandoned for decades, the restored Torrenieri-Montalcino train station is now back in its glory as the gateway to Val d’Orcia. But the train station at Montalcino is not… well, just an old train station.
The Montalcino train […]

Château Lanessan in Bordeaux has a fabulous history, thanks to its vineyards – which go back to 1310 – and its remarkable architecture. Built in 1878 by André Delbos, in a neo-Tudor style representative of the period, the Château has cellars built in traditional Médoc style.
For €10 per person anyone can enter into the world of […]

An example of how perverted wine subsidies are and how an industry can shoot itself in the foot.
In 2005, the EU paid a total 506 million euros to turn unwanted wine into disinfectant and industrial alcohol.
In comparison, that same year, the EU spent 14 million euros promoting its wines.
Enough said.
By Mike Carter.
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