Wine in a Beer Keg!

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The MAS Wine Co., which brews its red and white wines MAS Vino and MAS Vino Blanco at the Jepson Winery in Hopland, CA, is seeking to spread the word about its unusual products. MAS distributes nearly all its wines in something near and dear to the beer brewers’ and lovers’ hearts — stainless steel kegs, a far cry from cork and bottle and screw tops in the wine domain.

“Through our colleagues in the beer industry, we’ve placed our red and white kegs in stores and restaurants in all of the Bay Area’s nine counties, Eureka, Mendocino and Sacramento County. We’re off to a great start,” said MAS President Andy Woehl.

MAS is an 18-month-old startup with officers and investors based in San Francisco, Sacramento and Sonoma County. The company has a Web site and a mailing address in Cloverdale where its winemaker and production chief live.

“No bricks and mortar. Just wine,” Woehl says.

The company’s airtight, 15-liter kegs hold 20 bottles of wine and keep wine fresh for 60 days. The company is also introducing 11-liter kegs that hold 15 bottles of wine. The kegs are manufactured in Germany and reduce energy consumption and waste associated with packaging, delivering and storing glass bottles. The kegs are delivered in a just-in-time distribution system. The wines are blended with grapes grown in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

“We went to the beer industry because they are the people who know all there is to know about selling beverages in kegs to a large customer base,” Woehl said. The company’s main product is wine by the glass from kegs directed at a target audience of young professionals 25-40 years old who are educated, interested in wine and eat out several times a week. The kegs are at two-dozen restaurants, hotels and other eating and drinking establishments in the Bay Area.

Source: Dowd’s Wine Notebook.

Typically when I choose a bottle of wine it is based on its varietal, winery or, on occasion, a fantastic label I can’t pass up. But I haven’t noticed the particular weight differences between the glass bottles.

Apparently, some wine makers are using bottles with excess weight which isn’t as environmentally friendly compared to those bottles whose weights are much less. Plus the added weight is costly and those costs are passed onto the consumer.

If you feel passionate about being green, join a couple of wine critics who are ousting the irresponsible with their ‘name and shame’ list of the heaviest offenders.

By Laura Malesich. Source: Luxist

Z Gallerie Skull Red Wine

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Most of the time wine is presented as upscale, reserved, and elegant, but Z Gallerie went a slightly different direction with with Skull Red Wine. The label art, designed by and for Z Gallerie exclusively, is a fairly gritty looking black and white human skull.

I like it, and although it is a little “dark” in mood I think it still has an interesting elegance about it — just with an extra edge. The wine inside is a 2005 Miramonte Cabernet Sauvignon with blueberry, blackberry, and bing cherry notes along with lavender, fresh mocha, and toasted oak.

By Rigel Gregg. Source: Luxist

Going green is permeating more and more parts of manufacturing, business and retail everyday and the French wine industry is no different. To reduce the carbon load incurred during shipping, fifty Languedoc wine producers have been selected to ship their wines via boat to Dublin, Ireland and eventually other locations.

The first shipment of wine by sail since the 1800’s it is certainly a step in the right direction for the environment. These vessels will also serve as a wine tasting spot — a chance for the wines to be promoted locally. Compagnie de Transport Maritime a la Voila (CTMV) is making waves bringing 60,000 bottles in the first shipment which will return to France carrying an equivalent weight of crushed glass to be recycled into new wine bottles.

Sounds like a win-win to me!

By Laura Malesich. Source: Luxist

After the first Wellington Wine Route Harvest Festival that took the historic Boland town by storm last year, visitors can prepare themselves for a second momentous harvest celebration during the week-end of 15 and 16 March 2008 .

This compact all-in-one wine route with its genuine warm Boland hospitality is a mere 45 minutes drive from Cape Town.

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