The August edition of Drinks International publishes the “World’s Most Admired Wine Brands” ranking, where the Chilean Concha y Toro obtained the top position in the list, being nominated the most number of times and surpassing long established brands like Torres, Vega Sicilia, Antinori, Penfolds and Jacob’s Creek, to mention just some.

In recent years, Concha y Toro’s position as an industry leader has become established. However, this is the first time it has been recognized and admired by some of the most influential figures in the wine business.

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Lot 96

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Some redesigns are subtle and slightly refreshed. Change a border, enhance a background, and update a brand mark. Others are more intense and can breathe new life into a brand in need of rejuvenation. A clever Voicebox associate once compared the varying degrees of package redesign to cosmetic surgery, describing the level of departure from the original as follows:

1. Botox®
2. Tummy Tuck
3. Gender Reassignment

Based on that scale, we’re proud to be a solid 3 with Lot 96. The redesign was a complete overhaul; from bottle shape, label shape, both brand and sub-brand marks to paper, imagery, color palette, and finishes. We essentially started from scratch, much like the winery itself has in recent years with its new winemaking team, practices, and processes.

Best known for its flagship varietal, Petite Sirah, Lot 96 commemorates Foppiano’s founding in 1896. The redesign celebrates Foppiano’s rich heritage with a bold and contemporary numeric lock-up and striking color palette, which is offset by a vintage photo of Louis M. Foppiano signifying one of five generations of Foppiano descendants to take part in the family wine business.

Design by Voicebox Creative | Source :: Lovely Package

It wasn't too long ago that traditional riojas and sherries were the only wines associated with Spain. And while the crazy popularity of Spanish cuisine has definitely bolstered appreciation for the country's wines in America, Katrin Naelapaa, executive director of Wines From Spain, makes it her business to ensure Spanish grapes get just as much love as their Italian and French counterparts. Naelapaa, who's been with the company since 1992, tells Inc. how she helped build the once-fledgling industry into a $2 billion export business.

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Dreamer Wines

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dreamer komp 1

dreamer komp 2

dreamer komp 4

Dreamer is a line of sweet wines, that is best selling in Estonia. The hallmark of those wines has been a picture of a dreaming man. "Dreamer - Fresh & Fruity" is a new extension of the line, that has a semi-sweet taste and has a different, more modern design. I have added a picture that compares the old and the new label.

Designed by Mart Kont at The Division.

Source :: Packaging of the World.

HORA wine all

HORA wine blatina


HORA wine samotok


HORA wine vranac


HORA wine zilavka

Hora is series of wines produced in Stolac, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The name comes from an ancient Roman empire where this term was used for a goddesses of four seasons.

Design by SMART | Source :: Packaging of the World

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