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Even though South Africa has lost market share in the Netherlands savvy exporters are fighting back and launching new supermarket brands. Pikkewyn, which is Afrikaans for Penguin, is a recently launched new wine brand for the Dutch market.

Designed by Patrick Humphreys from Brimstone Design and once again garnering the wine/animal association, the Pikkewyn range of wines uses the colloquial term for penguin as a pivotal concept. To keep fun in the range, illustrations of penguins in different poses were used for the varietals wearing different colour bowties to depict one cultivar from the next.

Because of the strong black and white nature of the penguins, the labels have a simple, high contrast design capitalising on open space and keeping colours to black, white and gold with the varietal colour dedicated to the bowties.

I like the names given to the three wines - Gorgeous Red, Delicious White, and Exciting Rose!

By Mike Carter.


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