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September 11, 2008

The Vintage of the Century

Posted in: Wine Marketing

Century If you have $4,000 to spend on a wine tasting, this might be the one.

On September 25, the Ninth Annual benefit "Once-in-a-Lifetime Blockbuster Wine Tasting Dinner" will take place in New York City. It will showcase the 1990 Bordeaux, a year important for its hot, dry weather followed by some thunderstorms and scattered showers in September and October. The stressed grapes which stopped ripening and then quickly started again once the rains came, were a healthy bumper crop that ended up producing one of the best vintages in recent history.

The dinner will include a horizontal tasting of The Vintage of the Century: 1990 Bordeaux with a dozen different wines rated 96 or higher by Robert Parker including five that have been rated a perfect 100. This is a chance to enjoy the type of wines that make even the most experienced tasters go a little week in the knees. Each flight of these offerings from one of the most extraordinary vintages of the 20th century is paired with a matching gourmet dish.

All wines will be donated and the dinner is limited to just 40 participants who will gather in a private townhouse in Greenwich Village. The meal will be prepared by a renowned New York chef, and the wine will be served by members of the Windows on the World sommelier staff. The $4,000 fee will be donated to a "highly respected" 501(c)3 organization and is therefore tax deductible.

Participation is by invitation only. More details can be found here.

By Deidre Woollard.

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