"Making French Wine Fun" is the underlying philosophy of Le Beast – the first brand from Clink! Wines Ltd.

‘Le Beast’ is based on the historic legend of La Bête du Gevaudan – a creature believed to be part man/part wolf that killed over 120 women and children in the Languedoc, between 1762 and 1764. Not even King Louis XV’s famous hunter, Denneval, nor his six highly trained bloodhounds, could track the Beast down. The murders stirred up a political and religious controversy and the identity of La Bête du Gevaudan remains a mystery to this day.

“We chose Neffies as the home of ‘Le Beast’ due to its terroir-focused wine styles – which use carbonic maceration as a point of difference in its reds - as well as its history and relevance to the life of La Bête du Gevaudan,” says Catherine Monahan, Managing Director of Clink! Wines Ltd.

A shadow of ‘Le Beast’ can be seen in the right-hand-side window and a classic neck tag hangs around the neck, explaining the legend of La Bête.


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