Blogging is an incredibly effective way to reach out and find new clients.

Peter Flaschner, Founder and Creative Director of The Blog Studio offers 16 reasons why wine businesses should be blogging.

  • Build time-based relationships
  • Tap into strong branding power
  • Great value – can’t beat the price
  • Expand your reach – take your business global
  • Find new markets – take advantage of the long tail to do what you really love
  • Turn customers into evangelists
  • Create dialog with your clients
  • Find hidden opportunities – see find new markets above
  • Force you to think about your business – an often overlooked benefit of writing about your stuff regularly
  • Build relationships with your most vocal customers
  • Replace yellow pages – know anyone under 30 who uses the yellow pages?
  • Spread buzz
  • Humanizing – puts a face and personality to the business
  • Create top of mind awareness
  • Build trust-based relationships
  • Take advantage of virtual word of mouth marketing

By Peter Flaschner.

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