One has to always start at the beginning, this is very important when creating a brand, a “brand footprint”. This is a strong identity onto which on can build upwards and onwards. Therefore ones initial imagery has to be something that the producer can emote to, and is a strong enough image to withstand the test of time.

Frivolity will be here today and gone tomorrow. However doing something that may be striking and gimmicky can serve it’s purpose, however in the right place and time, and part of your marketing/promotional long term strategy.

Packaging is not about creating pretty pictures, but about building strong long lasting loyal relationships. Therefore prior to any design being executed a strong broad based marketing structure should be in place. Craftsmanship, following tried and tested simple design rules, being clever and unique with your design, and colour with the assistance of latest technologies in printing and bottling is always a good start. Try to be a leader rather than a follower, this will immediately create a shelf presence. One way that I find very successful, is to create your own hand drawn name or image (that is not computer generated), that way your name becomes it’s own logo, brand name or signature.

Finally - what may be a phenomenal success in one country or brand should not make one want to copy the same trend in your own.

By Vanessa Fogel : Vanessa Fogel Design


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