swarovski-barrel Swarovski crystals have now even come to the world of wine making. In addition to being stuck on the bottles, now you can buy then in the shape of a Swarovski crystal bung, the stopper on top of a new luxury limited edition wine barrel from French cooperage Radoux. The luxury X-Blend barrel is made from French oak from a selected secret forest and the oak’s toast is determined by the buyer. The barrel also has leather strips that overlay the metal hoops.

It was displayed at the Vinitech wine equipment and technology show in Bordeaux and sells for 1200 euros which is double the price of a normal barrel. A maximum of 100 will be made each year and Decanter reports that 20 were sold at Vinitech. I’m not sure what they would be used for, for display or perhaps to create some ultra-pricey vintage. While I respect the art of the cooper and great barrels are important in producing some great wines, the crystallized bung seems like overkill to me.

By Deidre Woollard. Source : www.luxist.com


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