Italy Big Italy is once again the world’s largest wine producer, an honor it hasn’t had since back in 1998. This year’s big harvest is expected to give Italy the edge over France. The Coldiretti farmers lobby estimates the production of Italian wine is up eight percent over 2007 to 4.7 billion litres, compared with 4.44 billion litres in neighbouring France, where production fell five percent. The bumper crop of grapes is attributed to good weather, especially in Sicily which battled a deadly fungus last year. Production estimates by Assoenologi, an association of Italian wine producers, are slightly lower at 4.45 billion litres, or an increase of five percent which would still give Italy a squeaker of a win.

Bloomberg reports that more Italian consumers are taking another look at prosecco, the Italian sparkling wine, this season for their celebrations. For the most part prosecco is cheaper than its popular French rival, champagne.

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