Wine consumers have another alternative to the traditional cork and bottle: environmentally friendly Tetra Pak cartons.

Tetra-Prisma containers are state-of-the-art packaging that will give cork and bottle manufacturers sleepless nights. 100% recyclable, Tetra-Prisma containers reduce packaging by 90% in comparison to typical glass wine bottles. In fact, Tetra-Prisma containers have less packaging than an egg! These light weight containers weigh only 3% of the total weight, while an eggshell weighs 7% of the total weight of an egg. And think of the savings in shipping costs!

The French Rabbit Tetra Pak 1 liter container is produced by the Boisset family, which owns vineyards throughout Burgundy and has been making quality wine for two generations. The family works in close concert with many grape growers to achieve sustainable farming practices and is committed to the classic 3 R’s - reduce, re-use and recycle in every aspect of their business.

French Rabbit Tetra Pak has already won two prestigious packaging awards: Gold Medal - Functional Innovation - 2006 World Wine Championships Wine Packaging Competition, and Best New Wine Product of 2006 - Beverage Industry Magazine.

They offer Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cab, Merlot, and Family White and Red Reserves. Their web site pushes the environmental benefits of the product which will appeal to many wine consumers especially those who enjoy the outdoors: picnicking, backpacking, camping, in fact anywhere where glass isn’t appropriate.

By Mike Carter.


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