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Alexanderfontein wines are produced in the Darling district, considered the heartbeat of the West Coast region. Here one is surrounded by an abundance of beauty and wild flowers, which is undoubtedly Darlings’s greatest asset. 

Alexanderfontein’s label was inspired by this and particularly by the rare West Coast flower, Gladiolus Carinatus. With it’s exquisite fragrance, it exemplifies the character and quality of the wine it represents.

Edging the logo with a red background was designed to bring a center point to the label and a particular focus on the logo. Creating a clean white background using Killer White, emphasised and conveyed a natural clean freshness. By adding the gold foil printed on gold ink as a final touch, Haumann Smal Design Studio succeeded in creating a “look and feel” of quality and refinement.

In conclusion, creating a link between traditional West Coast beauty and fine West Coast wines.

By Mike Carter.


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