My biggest gripe with packaging suppliers is they don’t follow up. They don’t acknowledge receipt of orders. They don’t confirm delivery dates. They don’t advise me timeously about delays.

Exceptional suppliers follow-up. Their pro-active. They phone me. I don’t have to phone them. That sets them apart from the average. Believe me, follow-up is a lost art. In fact follow-up is so rare that businesses can stand out merely by doing it.

According to communication guru Ruth Sherman, follow-up serves the following purposes:

It let’s people know you care.
It identifies you as responsible for the process.
It keeps relationships alive and invigorated.
It provides opportunities for new interactions.
It plants seeds for new ideas.
It shows a high level of commitment.
It demonstrates self-confidence.
It regularly reminds people you are out there and available.

Do your packaging suppliers follow-up?

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By Mike Carter.


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