Working with the ever energetic and partly insane genius of wine maker Justin Lane as well as illustrator Harry Slaghekke, Miss Grigio and Mr Noir are wine packaging creations for the Marauding Vintners brand. The name is derived from the mystery surrounding the brand as they source wines and/or grapes from across the globe. In reflection of their underground nature Mash played on Mafia type characters to become the personalities behind these wines. Not available as yet, lets hope these wines reach our shelves soon.

Design By :: Mash Design.


One Response to “Mr Noir & Miss Grigio”

  1. Grant on February 10th, 2009 4:23

    Big fan of Mash’s work. Very defined and a quite distinctive style. They’ve done some excellent stuff, I really like Killibinbin as well. They cost a bomb but worth it from a memorability point of view, which is key with wine marketing.

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