Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared September 2007 California Wine Month.  In a proclamation, the Governator stated “With more than 2,400 wineries and 4,600 grape growers, California is proud to produce ninety percent of all U.S. wine and to be the world’s fourth largest wine maker.  Not only does this mean that our wines are adding distinctive flair to countless meals and special occasions, but also that billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs are strengthening our economy.”  The Wine Institute is partnering with winery members, regional winery and grower associations, retailers and restaurants and other organizations with a calendar of California wine events in September. Visit for listings of events in California wine country in September and throughout the year.

It’s no surprise that with California leading the US wine production, our beautiful weather and amazing scenery, we draw in nearly 20 million tourists annually who come to experience the wines of California.

California Wine Month last September helped increase sales of California wines by 11 percent that month in U.S. supermarkets, compared to the previous summer.  So grab the California Wine Month image, post it on your site, get it in you next email blast and celebrate your contribution to an industry that strengthens our economy but lets not forget the most important part, produces some of the most amazing Vino in the world.

By Stephen Mutch - REthink Wine Blog


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