Here’s a relatively inexpensive yet festive and delectable alternative to fancy champagne for frugal Valentine’s Day celebrations: Voga Italia’s Sparkling Pinot Grigio. My colleague Deidre Woollard first wrote about the fashionable brand back in 2006; the Sparkling Pinot Grigio (left) the latest addtion to their luxe lineup.

Voga Italia "transformed the traditional, stuffy wine bottle into a distinctive, glamorous shape." The curvier clear glass bottle of the Sparkling is sealed with a traditional cork and topped with a resealable, airtight cap. Voga Sparkling is made from 100% Pinot Grigio from the mountainous province of Trentino and the Veneto region (home to Venice) of Northern Italy.

At 12% alcohol, it’s a striking golden color with a fine effervescence, aromas of white blossoms and ripe fruit, and a clean citrusy finish. It sells for $15.99.

By Jared Paul Stern. Source :: www.luxist.com


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  1. On the Money on February 14th, 2009 23:28

    Lovely bottle …

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