bistro rouge 2006 Pend d’Oreille Winery in northern Idaho has come up with a unique way to go green, they are selling their Bistro Rouge wines in refillable 1.5L bottles. Local customers can bring their bottle back and receive reduce cost refills as often as they like.

Winemaker Steve Meyer told Wines & Vines that the program, which started off with 300 bottles has sold 250 of them and many people have brought back their bottles multiple times. The 1.5 liter bottles contain at least 50 percent recycled glass and have a permanent silk-screened label that you can put your name on with a marker. The first bottle is $25 and is closed with a synthetic stopper from Supreme Corq and a tamper-proof seal. Subsequent refills are $16 and the owner gets a cork stopper for future refills.

It’s an intriguing concept although it loses its carbon-saving punch if you have to drive far to the winery but for locals it seems like a good idea.

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One Response to “Idaho Winery Offers Refills”

  1. Mike Duffy on March 10th, 2009 23:16

    Everything old is new again. You used to be able to do this at the old Italian wineries in Sonoma County, although it was “bring your own jug.”

    The real question, of course, is how does that Idaho wine taste?

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