Redtree Wine 2

The Redtree brand was initially introduced to the market in March 2007 prior to Cecchetti Wine Company working with CF Napa. While the price point of $10-15 was received enthusiastically by the trade, sales began to decline rapidly shortly after the launch. The feedback from key accounts was that the packaging was too dark and ominous.

Cecchetti Wine Company quickly made the decision to pursue a redesign for the next vintage.

CF Napa established a completely new positioning for the brand. The brand would leverage its premium California appellation and be friendly, approachable and authentic. The redesign of the Red Tree packaging took inspiration from “mom and pop” fruit stands found along so many of the California’s roadsides.

The simple red and cream design is brighter, fresher and makes use of a modern vertically orientated label that features an iconic oak tree for easy consumer recognition and recall. Embossing and a textured, toothy paper help reinforce the brand’s natural goodness, while all varietal specific information is located on a separate red strip at the base of the bottle for ease of shopping.

In the first half of 2008, 48,000 cases were sold—already double the total amount of cases sold during the previous years’ launch!

Source :: POPSOP.COM


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