“A successful innovation in your business does not have to be an all-new invention. It just has to be something new to your business that is beneficial” - Paul Sloan, author of The Innovative Leader.

Almost every winery owner that I speak to wants to open a restaurant to complement the tasting room experience.

Derrick Daye recently posted an article “The 10 Things Every Restaurateur Should Know About Building and Marketing Strong Brands.” Here are the ten things:

1. Know your customers
2. Know what they value
3. Build awareness
4. Be unique and compelling
5. Have a convenient/visible location
6. Have convenient hours
7. Develop a concept
8. Exceed customer expectations
9. Focus on front line employees
10. Create sensory experiences

By the way, this advice works for many businesses and not just restaurants!

Read more of Derrick Daye’s posts on the blog: www.brandingstrategyinsider.com

By Mike Carter.


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