Champagne par Excellence

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These champagnes are first noticed for their unique packaging, as the bottles cannot help but stand out in their stunningly beautiful sleeves. The sleeving process on a champagne bottle was first used by producer Dominique Pierrel and is a welcome change from the traditional approach of labels stuck on bottles. Thanks to sleeves and Pierrel’s avant-garde production factory, unusual designs and colours for the bottles can be created (see the “Oressences” range, pictured).

Famous artists, such as Kiraz, Garouste & Bonetti and Kallos, have already been commissioned to create new and unique designs for the Pierrel Champagnes. Champagne bottles become works of art!

However, a huge amount of the attention is paid to the quality of the champagne, and not just the presentation of the bottles. The champagnes are all produced with the first grapes grown in Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards, coming mostly from the prestigious Côte des Blancs, famous for its Chardonnay. All of the champagnes are aged in cellars many more years than the minimum allowed, enabling the wine to mature to perfection.

Consequently, judges at the 2007 International Wine Challenge rewarded Pierrel’s dedication to excellence by awarding him four Silver Medals!

This bottle would make an occasion out of any event and will certainly turn heads!

By Mike Carter.


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