Exotic South African Seriti Wines

A major player on the highly competitive Finnish wine market, the Franco-British wine dealer and producer, Boutinot, introduced its two South-African Seriti wines in a distinctive exotic style. The Seriti Chenin Blanc features the delicate detail of a zebra skin, while the Seriti Merlot wine opted for the might of the cheetah.

Boutinot, a Cheshire-based wine production and distribution company, always has sought to remove the aura of elitism which has surrounded wine drinking, with light-hearted brand names such as "Old Git" and "Old Tart" carrying labels with caricatures of old gits and old tarts. Others are named "Italia" or "Big Mamma’s Italian Red" and a best-selling French wine is called "French Revolution".

There are no details about quality or regional origin on the labels of some of the wines, as the branding, which is certainly untypical for a wine business, is aimed at young drinkers in search of value as well as quality.

As a consequence of this positioning in the market Finnish wine lovers were conquered and gladly embarked on a trip to the savannah: the new packaging of these two wines intrigued and captured the attention of consumers.

The secret to this packaging success lies in the sleeves that startlingly reproduce the graphics of wild animal skins. Designed by DareDesign, Sleever International developed a solution that reinforces the intensity of a zebra and a cheetah skin.

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By Anton Steeman | Source :: Packaging Digest


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