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Is it a ploy to get us to buy the wine or are they really in it for the good? Lot’s of companies are donating $$ to causes, but it seems like they are splash advertising, which seems a bit tacky. No House Wine, is a new wine label where proceeds of your purchase support HomePlan, a project to build homes for homeless children who have lost parents to aids.

No House Wine is produced under WIETA certification. WIETA is a not for profit, voluntary association of many different stakeholders in the South African wine industry, who are committed to the promotion of ethical trade in this sector. We wish them all the luck.

Spotted by Tanya Schliff.


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  1. Jeroen Tebbe on August 7th, 2007 8:13

    To answer you question. We are in it for the good! I am a dutch advertising man and we develloped ‘no house’ wine to support the foundation that my father started 10 years ago (see ). This foundation supports deprived communities in Mexico and in Kwazulu Natal. It combines the trend in design (especially interiour design in restaurants) and the trend in cause related marketing. The wine was, in the last three years, a huge succes in The Neterlands. Since the London wine fair 2007 we work together with the french Paul Sapin winery ( They organise the international distribution. So if you want to profit of this succesfull concept, please contact Thierry Coulon of the Paul Sapin organisation. If you are looking for new wine stragegies contact my own new little agency ‘bettieakkumaoj’ With Kind regards. And thank you for giving attention to our wine, Jeroen Tebbe, Breda, the netherlands

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