Invenio is a range of 15 high quality wines to be sold in the on trade in the UK and both the on and off trade in a variety of European countries. Wine sold under the Invenio Trademark is positioned to offer accessibility of high quality wines and great value for money to consumers. The wines have been selected from eight different countries of origin, and red, white and rosé wines are represented.

The label design has a classic wine identity, with easy navigation of country of origin, region and grape variety for consumers and bar staff. Each country of origin is represented with a specially commissioned landscape illustration, simple colour coding is used to distinguish wine type, and the gold scripted logotype conveys premium quality.

Invenio incorporates wines from California, Chile, South Africa, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia and is fully endorsed by Jonathan Pedley Master of Wine, who along with Carslberg’s wine buying team set out to select wines that reflect the world’s fascinating wine scene.

Louise Boddington, Carlsberg UK wine buyer, comments: “Invenio offers outstanding and reasonably priced wine from around the world. This offers our trade customers the opportunity to retail a range of Old and New World styles at outstanding value for money for their customers under an On Trade exclusive label.”

Tim Corvin, Managing Director of SiebertHead, said: “This has been a major project for us – developing a new brand which will span a number of countries. Often wines from different countries of origin have their own country style, whereas Invenio needed to be ‘global’ not ‘local’. A sense of established authority was also needed for the brand and this is delivered both through the name and the overall design cues.

“The ‘Invenio’ brand name was chosen because it means ‘to discover’ in Latin, therefore providing an association with expert sourcing of wines from around the world. The logotype created for the brand includes a bunch of grapes representing the ‘V’ of Invenio, within the delicate classic script style. This allows the logotype to be both recognisable and above all ownable. It sits within coloured panels representing the three wine types - red, rosé and white.

“Eight illustrations by Ruth Palmer were commissioned to highlight the countries of origin which helped to differentiate the wine regions around the globe. These sit subtly at the base of the label in a pale grey.”



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