Tamas Estates Wines

This really nice set of wine labels for Tamás Estates was designed by Beth Leonardo while working at MOD. Beth left MOD in 2008 to start her own design firm, Double Six Design where she continues her work in branding and package design. Here’s what Beth had to say about the design:

“When Wente Vineyards acquired a neighboring Livermore Valley winery, Tamás Estates, they began an intensive wine label and branding overhaul. Wente had a vision for Tamás Estates well beyond its position as an on-premise, by-the-glass wine at large restaurant chains like Outback Steakhouse.

Their goal was to create a youthful wine brand that combined a strong focus on their use of old-world Italian varietals and a distinctly contemporary Californian flair. The solution was a ticket inspired label that represents the long trip the Italian vines traveled to arrive in California. As it turns out, this ticket also transports the drinker to Italy without even leaving the comfort of their own home!

The new Tamás Estates brand has surpassed even Wente’s vision. The creation of this impactful, iconic label design has not only resulted in distribution in all major retailers across the country, but also allowed an increase in price point across the line.”

By Rachel Dunagan | Source :: www.thedieline.com


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