Will Jarvis Science Project Wine

Will Jarvis’ Science Project is an unusual name for a wine but this Cabernet Franc has a unique story. The Mecury News reports that the story began years ago when young Will Harvis was attending San Jose’s Harker School and granted the permission to make red wine just like his father, William Jarvis who owns Jarvis winery.

Will selected grapes from the 1994 vintage from his family’s vineyard and aged it in a two-gallon barrel. After six months, the wine was bottled. As an adult Jarvis finally tasted the wine with his parents and found that it was great so he repeated his experiment in the controlled Jarvis winery cave environment again using a small barrel.

Jarvis Winery winemaker Dimitri Tchelistcheff was impressed and a new product was born. The 2007 vintage of Cabernet Franc was aged 9 months in half size barrels and released as the Will Jarvis’ Science Project with a production run of just under 400 cases. It sells for $105 .

By Deidre Woollard | Source:: www.luxist.com


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