It appears that the future of wine labels may include a hefty dose of Ugly.

A little “ugly” never hurt anyone, but a hefty dose of ugly is just down right….ugly.

It appears there is a serious move to force nutritional labels on alcohol bottlings, including wine. It’s a Bush Administration proposal that is supported fully by The Center For Science in the Public Interest…the folks who spent time particularly in the 1990s explaining to us all why we will all die very quickly if we eat Movie Theater Popcorn, Alfredo Sauce, and any other food that is not made of pure fiber.

If you want a good look at what the proposed nutritional labels will add to a pretty package of wine, go here to the WineLoversPage, where I stole the label on the image to the left. Behold, the future of wine packaging.

I know…..consumers NEED this info. According to Diageo, one of the largest alcohol beverage companies in the world that supports this initiative, it is “a giant and very positive step in the right direction…Overwhelmingly people want this kind of information on the package.”

Perhaps. Who am I to say what consumers want and what constitutes giant steps. I do know that designing labels and packaging for clients of Wark Communications will me much less enjoyable than before. But who am I do determine what’s enjoyable?

By Tom Wark.


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