Wine Entrepreneur Conference

The Wine Entrepreneur conference is the only professional wine conference focusing on wine entrepreneurship. It is intended to focus on four categories of individuals:

Wine enthusiasts who want to act on their dream to one day start their own wine business.

Wine professionals who want to further their career in the wine industry by broadening the scope of their knowledge.

Wine entrepreneurs looking to fund the next stage of their business and meet potential investors, partners, employees or advisors.

Wine business angels and investors who want to be exposed to new ideas, concepts and projects relating to the wine industry.

On both days, panels will feature innovative wine entrepreneurs who were able to follow their passion for wine AND to leverage tools such as the internet & social media, alternative financing techniques, innovative design, socially conscious philosophies, a recycling cap, out-of-the-box business models or a combination thereof.

For more details contact Laurent Guinand or Hailey Morton


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