A Wine Revolution!

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Prêt à boire® (ready to drink) is a selection of fruity, round, delicious wines in a beautiful stand up pouch with a spout.

Prêt à boire®’s packaging is made out of 3 different films (PET – Aluminium – Polyéthylène),  strengthened in its base by a Nylon film, in order to avoid flex cracking. This complex structure provides a very good barrier against oxidation.

During the conditioning the pouch is filled from the spout, and is screw capped just above the liquid. This conditioning process preserves the wine from oxidation. The screw cap has a security ring.

Prêt à boire® is also a good deal cheaper to transport: 40% more wine on a standard pallet and when flat empty is 25 times less volume than a bottle of an equivalent content.

The shape has been conceived with stability as the main objective, as stability is a big concern for airlines and train companies. Another increased concern for them is the security of the passengers, and Prêt à boire® offers a better alternative to a glass or PET bottle.

Prêt à boire® is also recyclable with plastics, as the aluminium can be separated from plastic by an industrial process (Pyrolyse).

By Mike Carter.


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