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February 26, 2007

Would your wine brand be missed?

Posted in: Branding

In their book Mavericks at Work, William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre include a very powerful question every brand owner must ask themselves. And given the current state of the global wine industry and it’s uncertain future, it’s a question every wine brand owner must answer today to better prepare for tomorrow.

That question is:

“If your company went out of business tomorrow, who would really miss your brand and why?”

The authors go on to further explain why people might miss your brand:

“Because it’s providing a product or service so unique it can’t be provided nearly as well by any other company. Because it’s created a workplace so dynamic that most employees would be hard-pressed to find a similar environment somewhere else. Because it has forged a uniquely emotional connection with customers that other companies can’t replicate”.

So, if your brand went out of business tomorrow, would any of us care? Does your brand provide such a unique product and customer experience that we would be saddened if it didn’t exist? Does your company treat it’s employees so astonishingly well that those workers would not be able to find another employer to treat them as well? Does your brand forge such unfailing emotional connections with your customers that they would fail to find another brand that could forge just as strong emotional bond?

How does your brand rate? Does your brand provide anything unique? Has your brand forged unbreakable emotional connections with it’s customers? Would anybody miss your brand if it went out of business tomorrow?

Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win (William Morrow, October 2006).

By Mike Carter. Adapted from Would You Miss the Gap? by John Moore and posted on Brand Autopsy.

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