Wine Critic Becomes Opera Subject

Wine and opera have a new relationship that goes beyond their usual pairing as wine critic and auctioneer Michael Broadbent has become the subject of his very own opera. In the opera the wines do the singing, literally. The show opens with a rumor that Broadbent might be leaving the world of wine, which prompts many of the great wines like Champagne, Bordeaux and Chateau d’Yquem to all compete with each other in an attempt to convince Broadbent to stay.

“The Lovely Ladies” debuted on May 12th at the Christie’s International auction house in Mayfair, London to a sold out crowd. It seems the idea, thought up by the head of Christie’s in Scotland Sebastian Thewes, was a success.

When asked in an interview what it’s like to be turned into an opera 83 yr old Michael Broadbent simply laughed and said “It’s the most unlikely thing on earth.”

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