More Wineries Adopting QR Codes

Last year I wrote about the Portuguese wineries that have adopted QR codes on their wine labels. Recently, I have noticed more wineries adopting this cool new technology.

A quick refresher on QR codes for the uninitiated. QR codes are a very useful tool for pointing people to more information about your product. This is how it works. You take a photo of the QR code with your phone with a bar code reader and you are automatically taken to the web site that is embedded in the code. This only works with smartphones such as the iPhone, BlackBerry or Droid phones, but these are the most popular phones these days, so a huge number of people now have this capability.

In the wine business this is particularly useful as people can be browsing a liquor store and read reviews about the wine. This is how the Portuguese winery, Cortes de Cima, has been using QR codes on their wine labels. Their QR code takes people to their Adegga page, a web site where people can read independent reviews and ratings of their wine.

In this recent article in The Drinks Business they talk about another Portuguese winery, Tagus Creek, who are now using QR codes on their wine labels. They are using the QR codes to point consumers to videos of wine tastings on their web site. The article also mentions a New Zealand wine called Insight that has just started using QR codes.

QR codes help build a bridge from the offline to the online world. Wouldn’t you like to send every prospect who is considering purchasing your product to a special page on your web site where you can provide them with more information. QR codes allow you to do just that and forward thinking companies are starting to see their benefits.

I fully expect that by the end of this decade most products will have a QR code on their label. And like many innovations in label printing, the wine industry is leading the way. So next time you are at the liquor store take a close look at the labels. I expect you will see more and more QR codes on wine labels in the near future.

By Peter Renton | Source :: Lightning Labels Blog


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  1. Mark Sprague on June 2nd, 2010 16:29

    It’s great to see QR Codes being used in this manner. If your readers are interested in learning more about these codes I’ve written a comprehensive primer that can be found at:

    Mark Sprague

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