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Eco savvy and convenience-led consumers are pulling up their noses at wine snobs and opting for an easy to carry, go anywhere, drink anytime new wine tradition born in the wake of glass shortage and eco sensitive packaging.

Versus, one of SA’s most consumed wine brands, which is a growing favourite in  Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany and Italy is the first to market in South Africa its wines in the new easy to pour, easy to carry, light-weight  wine pouch.

The new innovative packaging – which is a new SA developed technology - is set to revolutionise the wine industry and extend drinking occasions “beyond the usual”.

Chris O’Shea, Executive Director: Sales and Marketing, says, “We challenged ourselves to tackle the lack of innovation within the wine industry. Knowing that convenience is of utmost importance to an increasingly time- conscious consumers, we believe that the pouch will forge a new and innovative way ahead for the industry as more and more of South Africa’s, and the world’s, best wines start to unplug themselves.

“Large retailers around the world have already responded very well to the wine pouch concept. The innovative design offers convenient handles for portability and on-the-go consumption, a leak proof tap, is light and easy to squeeze into a bag or picnic hamper and the packaging also allows contents to be cooled more rapidly than traditional glass.

“In addition, once empty, packaging flattens to minimise landfill and environmental space wastage. In this respect the pouch appeals to the increasingly ‘ethically-minded’ drinker as it takes up 60% less landfill in comparison to glass.”

Studies conducted on the pouch found that although glass is easier to recycle, even if 100% of the glass bottles produced were recycled and 0% of the pouches were recycled, they would still achieve a significant lower environmental impact and less waste.

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