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July 09, 2010

Selling wine in supermarkets - by the glass.

Posted in: Wine Innovation

Selling wine by the glass

A young British entrepreneur had the bright idea of selling wines in single serve portions in plastic stemmed wine glasses with foil tops.

The single serve, he reasoned, would be attractive to people who didn’t want to open a whole bottle, and just wanted one glass. It would also be attractive to people having picnics, going to festivals and concerts and commuters going home after a hard days work and looking to unwind on the train.

So he took his idea to the friendly and welcoming folk on ‘The Dragons Den’. This is a British TV series where budding entrepreneurs look for funding from a team of hard bitten business people.

Well, they shot him down in flames. Thought his idea was mad, it would never take off.

A few months later he sold his idea, lock, stock and barrel to Marks and Spencer, and now they are selling so much that they are struggling to keep up with demand. The glasses of ready to drink wine are flying off the shelves.

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Source :: www.spill.co.za

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