Wine Labels Dress Up

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Next time you are in a liquor store looking for a nice bottle of chardonnay, or maybe a merlot, think about what drives your selection.

Is it price? Is it name recognition? Or, is it the pretty picture on the label?

More and more winemakers are counting that it is the label.

Wines in recent years have taken on new and creative names and funky labels as a way to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace.

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One Response to “Wine Labels Dress Up”

  1. Marcus on September 25th, 2007 22:16

    It’s interesting hearing about label concepts and that they are determining the wine’s worth more than the bottle information printed on them.

    Yesterday I announced “Wine Label Week” on my site. All my posts will be devoted to this idea so you might want to you check it out.

    I’m at Doktor Weingolb. Cheers!

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