Parducci Winery in Mendocino county has been making True Grit Petite Sirah wine for a while but the wine is getting new attention because of the upcoming Ethan and Joel Coen remake of the John Wayne classic Western, True Grit. The wine got its Hollywood turn last week. Wine Spectator reports that Parducci partner Tim Thornhill poured the wine at the cast screening of the movie and that Paramount purchased 100 extra bottles for distribution to their media contacts.

The wine got its name before the new movie but does takes its name from the original. As the story goes, several years ago a publicist dubbed the wine a "John Wayne among reds." The True Grit label shows a worn pair of boots with spurs. The latest vintage (2007) is available on the winery website for $19.99 a bottle. It's described as having aromas of ripe fruit, white pepper and vanilla with blackberry, dark chocolate, pepper and caramel flavors.

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