Tesco has completed a major packaging review that will see 600 of its wines packed in ‘retail-ready’ packaging by February next year.


The retailer plans to roll out the packaging across it entire wine range by the end of 2008.

The leading supermarket worked with six of its wine suppliers – Constellation, Concha Y Toro, Thierry’s, ZGM, Raisin Social and D&D Wines – to make the ‘retail-ready’ packs easier for shop staff to carry and to open.

The outer cases now mirror bottle label designs so staff can find the packs more easily at the back of store and Tesco worked with grocery industry watchdog IGD to come up with a standard set of ‘country of origin’ symbols that can be used across the off-trade.

About 70% of the Tesco wine range, equating to 75% of the volume, will be in the new outer packaging by early next year.


Dan Jago, Tesco category director for beers, wines and spirits, said: “The revised ‘retail-ready’ packaging is more practical and more effective for in-store merchandising and, in the long run, we hope research we have conducted is adopted by other UK retailers.”

by Mike Dennis www.talkingretail.com


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