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March 05, 2007


Posted in: Wine Marketing


For today’s consumer good is not good enough. They are saying: “If you want my business, amaze me! Knock me out! Make an emotional impression I won’t forget.” 

Bottlerocket, a innovative retail wine concept in New York’s Flatiron District, aims to do just that by making shopping for wine more intuitive by presenting its inventory by theme. Customers who are looking for a bottle to accompany a take-out meal, for example, can head to the take-out display and find wine recommendations alongside local take-out menus.

Traditionalists can also browse the 365 hand picked wines selected from around the world and organised by country of origin along one wall of the store. A new generation wine shop, Bottlerocket incorporates environmentally-friendly “green” materials, provides online access to wine resources, a wine and cook book reference library, a children’s play area, and offers  numerous educational opportunities for its customers.  

“Think of me as a consumer advocate,” says Tom Geniesse, Bottlerocket’s enthusiastic founder. “In the course of learning about wine myself, I found shopping for wine to be frustrating. The ubiquitous and overwhelming wall of wine in every store, the inherent complexity of wine itself, the sometimes condescending sales people, the hodge-podge of numbered rating systems, confusing wine labels - I figured there had to be a better way.”

Tom says that “buying wine should be as fun as drinking it” and I think he’s is on to something here - a wine shop that’s user friendly and empowers the wine consumer, one bottle at a time.


By Mike Carter.

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