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November 02, 2007

New Strategy for German Wine Marketing

Posted in: Marketing

German Wine Institute Realigns Communication Efforts

Monika Reule, managing director of the German Wine Institute, outlined
the most important goal of the new marketing concept as follows: “Wine
enthusiasts at home and abroad should be made aware that German wines
number among the finest in the world and are unique in nature.
Furthermore, it is important that Germany – also in the domestic market
– be perceived as a wine-growing country in which its wine is an
important cultural asset as well as inherent to a modern lifestyle.”

In order to achieve these goals, focal points are to be defined and
coordinated for public relations and marketing concepts in the domestic
and foreign markets. As is already the case in export marketing, key
regions in Germany are to be targeted. In particular, consumer
communication will be intensified with well-aimed activities and
measures. Furthermore, to strengthen the institute’s own communication
efforts, new strategic partnerships are to be developed, taking into
consideration existing EU joint and promotional programs.

Monika Reule also emphasized that “it is important that we intensify
our work with the 13 regional wine promotion boards – herein lies great
potential for synergies.”

In general, the German Wine Institute will focus more on event
marketing that places wine in the limelight. Traditional print
advertising will be reduced in favor of other promotional measures –
all with a view to strengthening communication efforts at home and
abroad. This includes expanding press relations as well as further
developing information available online.

Grape varieties, in conjunction with wine-growing regions, as well as
culture and lifestyle are to play a more important role in the Wine
Institute’s communication strategies in the next five years.

Restaurateurs and the trade – as well as the press and other opinion
leaders – will remain key target groups and are to be more closely
integrated into marketing activities. Consumer communication will focus
on wine enthusiasts with a modern, upscale lifestyle.

Restructuring Goes Hand in Hand with the Strategy

Monika Reule explained that the future strategy will be implemented in
conjunction with structural adjustments within the German Wine
Institute. “The domestic and export marketing departments will no
longer be separate entities, but rather will form a network of five
departments on an equal footing.” Furthermore, a new “marketing and
communication” advisory board will be founded to replace existing
boards responsible for promotional and export activities. To foster
more efficient and extensive cooperation with the 13 regional wine
promotion boards, they will be more closely involved with tasks that
have been handled by various committees and circles in the past, and
take on more of an advisory role. The Wine Institute’s services on
offer to the German wine industry are to be expanded.

Monika Reule feels that the new strategy puts the German Wine Institute
in a good position: “After many conversations and constructive
discussions we have laid the foundation for a stronger presence for
German wine at home and abroad. We will begin to implement our new
strategic goals in the coming weeks.”

Source: www.wine.co.za

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