Comparing wine and the art of winemaking to female beauty is a timeless analogy.

Juno Wines take their inspiration from the Roman Goddess, wife of Jupiter. She was the protector of marriage and women and was associated with childbirth and bounty. This ties in with the imagery on the Juno Cape Maidens Range, paying homage to the work women have put into wine in the past. Tertia du Toit, the artist behind the labels says ”the aim is to create an integrated visual meeting between the predominantly male winemaking traditions and the sensual nature of the wine itself.” 

This young South African company has ambitious plans to grow their brand domestically and expand their export markets. Now that’s a challenge, as brand building takes patience - and money. But Juno Wines management team are committed for the long haul and their investment in innovative packaging for the Cape Maidens range is already paying dividends with the brand growing from zero to 50,000 cases in just three years, as well as exporting to Spain, Kenya, UAE, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Norway. 

Their website is also worth a look: www.junowines.com

By Mike Carter.


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