, the USA’s No.1 online wine retailer, has announced the 100, the industry’s first top 100 list based entirely on customer preferences.

Some might call this wine democracy. After years and years of being told what the Top 100 wines are, now the people can decide for ourselves! That’s right, we don’t need to listen to Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast or Robert Parker. Oh no, in true “American Idol” style, we (thanks to can let our voices be heard!

Kind of. As long as the wine was in’s 2007 inventory it was a contender. If it wasn’t, well… it didn’t have a place on the ballot. And really, the ballot wasn’t a ballot. There was nothing to check off, no phone number to call or text. It was more like a shopping cart.’s Top 100 Wines reflects the top 2 percent of wines sold nationally on merchant’s Web site during 2007, based on unit volume.

From SF Business Times:

We wanted our first-ever top 100 list to be unique,” Rich Bergsund,’s CEO, said in the Dec. 5 statement. “Many publications rank wines based on the opinions of their wine critics. We wanted our customers to be the judge, voting with their wallets to determine the 100.”



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