This is the first of a series of labels designed by video-gaming God American McGee and award-winning artist Ken Wong. When we approached McGee in the summer of 2006 to embark on creating a unique series of wine labels for a specific selection of fine French red and white wines, he said, “Sure, what goal do you have in mind?”

At the onset, our main goal had something to do with juxtaposing passion for art with passion for wine, in the hope that, somehow, we would stumble onto something unique and intriguing that could be adorned and admired by both the entertainment and wine industries.

As the recent success of our first release, the Rapunzel-inspired L’Engarran, has demonstrated to us, we have now come to realize that our main goal is to exploit American McGee and Ken Wong through the creation of a disgustingly exorbant amount of labels until the McGee label series becomes nothing more than a synonym for that “it” song that is overplayed more than two-dozen times a day on the radio.

For images of the label design and more on McGee and Wong, click here.

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